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Allergy Control® Covers

A person spends a third of his lifetime on the bed, which is a perfect host for dust mites. So this is an important area to start with.

Allergy Control® covers were developed by US allergists, employing the patented high-breathability ACb® membrance which shields the person form dust mites allergens. The top fabric is processed to discourage mite growth.

Unlike common polyurethane covers, the ACb® membrane is highly breathable and allows perspiration to pass through for a combortable night's sleep. Allergy Control® covers are tested to be ten times more breathable than other common polyurethance covers found in the United States.

Simply put these zippered encasings over your pillow, bolster and mattress but yellow your regular covers and spreads.

All Allergy Control® Covers come with (1) ultra-high breathability ACb® membranes; (2) superior stitching; (3) premium smooth-action zippers; (4) reinforced seams.

Allergy Control® covers are 10 times more breathable than common polyurethan covers.

Why physicans recommend Allergy Control® Covers:
- Tested by National University Hospital
- Registered US FDA Medical Device
- Highest breathability (patented ACb® technology)

GOOD NITE™ Allergy Control®

ULTRA-LITE : This high-tech, ultra-light fabric yields-softly and quietly to the pressure of the head and body for ultimate comfort. Ultra-Lite is so light that one would not even know that it was there. It employs the advanced ACb® membrane with ultra-high breathability that is over ten times more breathable than common polyurethane covers. This means an even better night's sleep in Singapore's warm and humid climate. The patented high-breathability ACb® technology is not available elsewhere.

King 78" x 80" x 9"
Queen 60" x 80" x 9"
Super Single 42" x 75" x 9"
Crib 29" x 53" x 6"


Queen 86" x 86"
King 102" x 86"


Standard/Queen 21" x 27"
Junior 15" x 23"


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