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Nilfisk HEPA
Vacuum Cleaner


When you walk into the room or sit on the sofa, you stir up the surface dust and send allergens into the air. A good allergy vacuum cleaner can solve the problem.

A good allergy vaccum cleaner must be strong in suction and filtration. Many vacuum cleaners marketed for dust mite control actually fail in these two areas.

Dust mites cling tenaciously onto their host, burrowing deep into carpets, rugs and upholstery. Much of the mite population remains after vacuuming with standard vacuum cleaners, ready to multiply again. The Nilfisk HEPA brings industrial-strength suction power to the home to fight these entrenched allergens. The Nilfisk vacuum cleaners are strong enough to pick up a regular Yellow Pages phone book.

Vacuuming with a standard or water-filtered vacuum can send surface allergens back into the air. This is because these allergens are often too small to be trapped by the vacuum cleaner bag, the normal charcoal filters or water-based filters. Most home-use vacuum cleaners do not even use filters at the exhaust vent. The Nilfisk HEPA uses the HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter, which is 99.97% efficient at 0.3 micron. This is the highest filtration rate in the market today. This is the same technology used in high-tech clean-rooms where dust-capture is critical.

Nilfisk from Denmark is the world's largest industrial vacuum cleaner manufacturer, and is the established name in high-end vacuum cleaners. Now Nilfisk brings industrial-strength power to the home.

Rated power
Sound pressure
BS 5415
40/27 1/s
60/54 Dba
36H x 36W x 39L cm


This anti-allergen preparation skills dust mites found in carpets, rugs, sofas and stuffed toys. It will continue killing mites for months after use.


Acaril® Solution  
Dust mites are killed only at 60°C, but many households do not have hot-water washing machines. Just add Acaril to your wash to kill dust mites.
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